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Adoptive Family Consultation

I am excited you have decided to request a free no-obligation consultation (in-office or via zoom). I believe passionately that everyone should know more about adoption and I am excited to share my 27+ years of expertise with you during your consultation. We are licensed in Kansas and Missouri, so our consultations are primarily for families residing in either state.  

Are you ready to start the adoption process and wish someone would just streamline everything you have read, researched, or learned from others? Well, I got you covered. During our visit, I will: 

  • Review the six (6) avenues of adoption
  • Take you on a tour of our easy-to-use adoptive home study portal 
  • Answer all the questions you have
You will find our visit beneficial in helping you choose the adoption avenue that is right for your family and be ready to jump into the home study process. I meet with both you and your spouse/significant other together. If you are single, feel free to invite a support person to join you. Your consultation will last approx. 20-30 min., depending on how many questions you have. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Steffany A. Aye, LSCSW, LCSW
Founder, Executive Director, Adoptive Mom & Your Trusted Adoption Advocate

P.S. Heads-up, I recommend completing this form on a computer- it is currently not very mobile-friendly. 
P.S.S. Whitelist my email address adopt@adoption-beyond.org my invites have been finding their way to the spam folder. 

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